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Any person using this online store (hereinafter referred to as the „Customer“ or the „User“) consents to and accepts the following terms.


The dimorea.gr is the online store created and run by the company „VASILEIOS GKOGKAS“ (042721211, GEMI No, Tax Office: 24500) trading under the name „DIMOREA“ with registered offices at Kiparissia, Messinia, info@dimorea.gr and telephone number: 6988612620 (hereinafter referred to as the „Company“).

General Terms

The Company reserves the right to freely amend or renew the conditions of use for the online store.
Only individuals aged 18 and older may make purchases through the online store. For any order from the online store to be executed, the customer/user must complete and submit the relevant order form with the necessary details.

Information Provided

The Company bears no responsibility for, and neither is it bound by, information submitted inadvertently or in error, and it is entitled to proceed with the correction of such errors whenever they are brought to its attention.
Intellectual property
All content of the online store, including titles, trade marks, images, graphics and text, is the intellectual property of the Company. Any copying, reproduction, distribution or alteration thereof in any way is strictly prohibited.

User Liability

Users agree that they shall provide truthful information in their transactions with the online store and shall accurately complete the required fields on forms of communication with it (name, surname, email address, etc.).


The Company reserves the right to change the prices indicated and to change and/or withdraw offers without prior notice to users/customers. The prices of items purchased from any of the Company’s physical stores may differ from the prices shown on the online store, and the Company does not offer compensation for any discrepancies in any product price subsequently identified by the customer due to lower prices in the online store compared to the physical store or vice versa.
Customers will be notified of any additional charges at checkout, before submission of orders. If these charges cannot be calculated in advance, customers will receive notification by telephone and/or by e-mail when receipt of the order is confirmed.
If any product is offered at an unusually low or high price compared to its market value, customers may contact the Company by telephone on 210-3483700 or by e-mail at info@dimorea.gr


In order to register or login to the online store users must give their full name, email address and a password of their choosing. This information shall remain strictly confidential. The Company reserves the right to use this information to send news of special offers or new products to customers/registered users.

Acceptance of Orders

The Company is not obliged to accept orders for items which, due to technical or typographical error, are show at the wrong price on the online store. If the error concerns only part of the items ordered, the order will be completed as normal for the other items, unless the customer notifies the Company that they wish to cancel the entire order.

Product Availability

Customers will be able to see availability of specific products as indicated on the online store. The Company reserves the right to reject any order if the items are not available at the time of ordering and will notify customers of the likely delivery date.


Shipping to premises selected by the Customer: If the Customer chooses to have the items shipped to a selected location, the items will be delivered by the courier company with which the Company cooperates, and the customer will receive an e-mail notification that the items are ready for shipment, as well as a tracking number. The courier company will notify customer of the delivery date. Shipping costs are borne by the customer and are calculated on the basis of the customer’s order at the time of submission, by entry of the address, region and postal code of the selected location. The consequences of incorrect calculation of shipping costs caused by incorrect entry of shipping information shall be borne by the customer, not the Company.
The customer should check the items which he or she receives.

Delivery Time

Delivery times for items are determined when the order is processed, according to availability, and the method and location of delivery.
For large-size item orders or orders which are specially tailored to specific customer requirements, delivery times will agreed with the customer by arrangement.
Payment Methods
Payment can be made in any of the following ways:
• Via credit/debit/prepaid card in a secure manner through a special service provided by a partner bank.
• In cash or by credit/debit card if the items are to be collected from one of the Company’s physical stores ().
• In cash paid to the courier.
• By deposit paid into a Company bank account. Customers should enter the order number and their full name under reason for deposit on the remittance form. The order will be executed when the Company confirms that the amount has been deposited. If the money is not deposited within three (3) working days, the order will be cancelled. It is recommended that customers provide the company (by phone or email) with the details of bank deposits (deposit date, order number, full name, etc.) to ensure faster service.

Right of Withdrawal

Customers may return the items purchased from the online store without explanation within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date on which the items are received. Before returning any items, customers should contact the Company, either by phone or e-mail.
The items should be returned together with the official confirmation of purchase, without having been unsealed or used. Returns will only be accepted if customers have already settled any shipping costs initially incurred by the Company, and have also paid the costs of return of the items in question.
On receipt of the declaration of withdrawal (return), the Company is obliged to refund the purchase price of the items to the customer. Refunds will be made at the latest within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date on which the Company received due notice of the return with the items. Delivery costs are not refundable.
Customers are liable for any reduction in the value of returned items if they have been used inappropriately.

Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal

Items are excluded from the Customer’s right of withdrawal detailed in the above paragraph, if they have been purchased from the online store and:
• They are not suitable for return for health reasons
• They have been unsealed/used/damaged
• The items were specially designed for the customer and are not standard items.
• The items were collected and paid for at one of the Company’s physical stores and the sale was not processed online.
Liability For Defects – Returns
In case of defective items, customers are entitled, at their discretion, to either: a) ask for repair or replacement of the item by another (free of charge), unless such action is impossible or involves disproportionate costs, b) seek a reduction in the purchase price of the item or c) to cancel the order, except in the case of insignificant minor defects.

Force Majeure

The Company is not responsible for delays in the execution of orders that cannot reasonably be attributed to the liability of the Company or which are due to force majeure events (strikes, abnormal weather conditions etc.) and the Company undertakes to notify the customer in any such circumstances.

Availability & Security of the Online Store

The Company makes every effort to ensure the online store operates smoothly. However, the Company is unable to guarantee that there will be no interruptions to operation or errors. In any case, the Company bears no liability whatsoever in the event that users are unable to connect to the online store. The Company is not responsible for the security policy of other third party sites or the manner in which they handle their online visitors.

Dispute Resolution

In any case where a compromise settlement cannot be reached, the courts of Athens shall be competent to resolve any disputes.